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Regardless of your age, painful and stiff joints can get in the way of you living your best life. Loss of mobility and severe pain are just some of the symptoms that can be the result of arthritis. Your arthritis may be a result of a sports accident or simply due to wear and tear with age. Arthritis is the most common condition seen in older patients, where the cartilage or the gristle in the hips or knees is worn out. It leads to the joint becoming swollen and stiff, restricting movement. If you are struggling with arthritis, consult Dr Balendra near Cronulla, who specialises in hip and knee replacements.

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Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Cronulla

Knees contain cartilage that protects our knees from damage during impact activities like sports. Due to wear and tear, the gristle becomes less effective over time, causing arthritis.
Get rid of that knee pain and live your life to the fullest. Visit Dr Balendra, a specialist orthopaedic surgeon, for advice on surgical and non-surgical approaches you can take for your hip and knee pain.
If you need surgery, Dr Balendra will explain to you the benefits of undergoing Robotic Knee replacements, cutting-edge technology that will give you the best outcome from surgery.

Experienced Hip And Knee Specialist In Cronulla

Joint health is important to live a pain-free life. Dr Balendra specialises in orthopaedic surgeries to overcome the debilitating effects of arthritis and help you get back on track with living your life without joint pain. In some cases, surgery is the best option to eliminate joint pain from your life. While in others, physiotherapy, painkillers and injections are sufficient.
Visit the hip and knee specialist in Cronulla for advice on surgical and non-surgical treatments for your joint issues.



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