Osteotomies are joint preserving operations that are designed to delay the need for a knee replacement. It is primarily an operation for younger patients (under the age of 55), who only have arthritis in one part of their knee.

The most common type of Osteotomy is a High Tibial Osteotomy. This type of osteotomy is for patients who only have arthritis in the medial (inner) compartment of their knee. The operation involves breaking the shin bone and realigning it, in order to redistribute the forces going through the knee when you walk. The realigned bone is held with plates and screws (see image).

Dr Balendra optimises his Osteotomy correction operation by using the latest technology to create a customised plan for each patient. Prior to surgery a CT and an EOS scan are obtained in order to create 3D printed customised cutting guides to get the best possible outcome.

Due to the accuracy of the plan and the strength of the titanium plates, Dr Balendra is able to accelerate the post-operative rehabilitation plan. If an Osteotomy is a suitable solution for your problems, Dr Balendra will discuss in depth with you the nature of the surgery and the expected post-operative journey.



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