Preparing for Surgery

We understand that going ahead with surgery can be stressful, both for the individual and the family. We therefore do our utmost to make the journey as comfortable as possible, and please do not hesitate to call the Rooms for any concerns you may have.

Prior to Surgery:

  • Discuss any medications (eg diabetic or immunosuppressive) you are taking with Dr Balendra and your General Practitioner to see which ones you should stop taking before surgery.
  • If you are taking warfarin or any drugs that increase the risk of bleeding (eg Plavix, Eliquis, Xarelto, Pradaxa), you will need to stop taking them before surgery to minimise bleeding. Dr Balendra will give you advice regarding when to stop the medication. All herbal medications (eg Fish oil) should also be stopped one week prior to surgery
  • If you smoke, you will be counselled about stopping smoking, to reduce your risk of infection and improve your recovery
  • If you have any tooth, gum, bladder or bowel problems, they should be treated before surgery to reduce the risk of infection

Fasting Instructions

You will be provided fasting instructions prior to surgery. Generally most patients will be asked to fast from midnight the night prior. On the morning of surgery you can have a small sip of water with any of your regular medication, but no juice or coffee.

If your surgery is scheduled for the afternoon, you will be instructed to have an early breakfast.


Prior to your surgery you will be contacted by your Anaesthetist. Your Anaesthetist will assess you and advise as to the safest and most appropriate form of anaesthesia for your surgery. They will assist in coordinating your post-operative pain management. You will have an opportunity to discuss your anaesthetic, as well as any fees associated with the anaesthetic service.  Please bring any medical and anaesthetic history to the attention of the Anaesthetist.



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