Robotic Hip Replacement is the latest evolution in one of the most successful operations ever invented.

The MAKO Robot was the first robot introduced into the orthopaedic surgical field and has more than 15 years of scientific data behind it, proving its safety and efficacy. The planning software provides each patient with a personalised surgical plan based on each patient’s own unique anatomy, while the MAKO robotic arm allows the surgeon unparalleled precision in placement of the components of the hip replacement.

Dr Balendra has been performing Robotic hip replacements since 2019, and has been utilising robots successfully to improve the accuracy of the operation that he performs. Be reassured that your surgeon will always be in control of the robot.

Prior to the operation, Dr Balendra will organise for you to have a CT scan and special X-rays taken of the hip. The information from the CT scan will be downloaded into the MAKO software, so that a virtual 3D model of your pelvis can be created. Dr Balendra will then use the MAKO software to plan your virtual hip replacement (see images)

The special X-rays allow Dr Balendra to assess the movement of your spine, as a stiff spine or a hyper-mobile spine can affect the positioning of the implants, and Dr Balendra will adjust the virtual plan accordingly.

At the time of surgery, special trackers are used so that the information from the CT scan is matched to the shape of the actual bone. This enables the MAKO robot to resect the bone to millimetre precision, increasing the accuracy of the operation. The MAKO robotic arm assists in the placement of the implants, to ensure that the final outcome matches the virtual plan.

To learn more about robotic assisted hip replacement surgery, please click here.



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